Your Questions About Orgonite

Ruth asks…

What is your experience with Orgonite?

Have you purchased or made Orgonite before?

Does it work for you?

Any knowledge on Orgonite?

Links and opinions are welcome! Thanks!

Orgonite answers:

If you believe a rock or rock-based compound can convert ‘negative energy into positive energy”…then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you! Don’t waste your time!! Look at the claims…”It makes you feel happy” Shoot, being outside in the sunshine will do that, just like gloomy cold days make one grumpy. Don’t fall for it! Please! There is no magical power to rocks or anything else…and for the love of common sense, please ask these mystic to define negative energy…because physicists say it’s the only thing that can keep a wormhole open…and we can’t make it on earth.

Maria asks…

what is orgonite? How does it Purify energy?

What is orgonite? There’s a dude selling “Black Sun Orgonite“. His code name is What’s the difference between his & any other Orgonite?

Orgonite answers:

Orgonite is an energy purifier. Like an air filter is to the air, Orgonite is that way for the surrounding area. Check out This guy speeks of the science behind it.

Linda asks…

Is the US government concerned about the production of orgonite/ orgone devices? Why?

Orgonite answers:

I dont believe they are. Which is good, if you collect HHG`s.

Daniel asks…

Where can i buy an Orgonite device?

I must have one

Orgonite answers:

Ebay have a selection….


Thomas asks…

Where is the best place to sell orgonite? I’m talking 4.11 inch ones(bigger then usual) in pyramid shape.?

They have amethyst, rose quarts, tabetan quartz, copper, aluminum…ect. They are packed. Where is the best place/ price to sell them at?

Orgonite answers:

Orgone energy is a discredited, fringe science theory originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich…

Reich, originally part of Sigmund Freud’s Vienna circle, extrapolated the Freudian concept of libido first as a biophysical and later as a universal life force…

Dr. Reich determined that stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance) would actually attract and collect orgone/etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form and harmful negative etheric energy…

You should consult with Palm Readers, Psychics and Astrologers – they should be able to give you advice on how to sell it…

George asks…

Can I make orgonite with Elmer’s Glue?

I am trying to make orgonite. I don’t have any supply to epoxy resin. Could i use elmer’s glue instead? It is organic, but will it work?

If your going to just say “it won’t work”, then don’t. You never know until you try it, which is why i’m making it.

Orgonite answers:

Actually, this is a case where anyone at all can definitely say that it won’t work, because it won’t…
Make it out of anything you want, the result will be the same, sorry…

Mark asks…

orgonite does it actualy work?

has anyone heard of organite stones. objects made from metal shavings and Crystal set in resin that supposedly benefit the growth of plants. is there any actual scientific Evidence or home testimony’s of this peculiar objects effectiveness

Orgonite answers:


Mary asks…

has anyone ever tested orgonite?

im not saying that orgonite is real or fake im very open minded. i really dont care whether people leave comments saying its fake please just comment if you have bought a product or made one yourself and did experiments that have a control and are repeated. also dont bother saying that for proof that its fake just look at wikipedia or another site etc. i want first hand experience. if you are going to say its fake please tell me what valid experiments you carried out involving an orgone product or diy

Orgonite answers:

Well, it certainly shows all the signs of being fake.

1. Using undefined and vague techno-babble.
I.e. “digital cellular communications, DOR/negative energy, Etheric Energy, life-beneficial positive energy, and harmful negative etheric energy” These things sound fancy, but they’re gibberish.

2. Bold, unsubstantiated claims.
A good rule of thumb is that anything that claims to cure everything is a scam. Organite claims to cure various ailments including cancer, make plants grow taller, and offset “bad energy” from cell phone towers among other things.

3. Implausible modality
There is no reason to think that mixing quartz with metal shavings and fiberglass will do anything and the explanations given by enthusiasts on how it works look copied from other bogus products. The claim that it emits positive energy is a claim found in literally hundreds of scams. What is positive energy? It’s a made up substance that sells magnetic bracelets and crystal medallions.

Scams are packaged and repackaged. Some are hard to spot, others are just variations on age old psuedoscience. This one operates on the millenia old idea that crystals are magic. There’s plenty of research on crystal claims to show that they aren’t.

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The most powerful and important use for orgonite

Orgonite was invented for specific purpose that being a material that surpasses the orgone generating capability of Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator. Karl Welz  coined the term orgonite to describe the material that he invented to serve as the core of his orgone generators.

Orgonite’s primary purpose and most valid application is as the core of the orgone generator. Orgonite is cast in moulds  around the electronics  of the generator. The electronics are then housed deep inside the orgonite. When power is applied to the electronics the frequency pulse excites the orgonite and generates a field of life force energy pulsating at the frequency the  electronics are providing. The orgone field created by the generator far surpasses any standard accumulator design.

While there are many people out there peddling something they are calling orgonite it is simply not so because there is only one true orgonite and it is the formula of Mr. Welz. While some of the ingredients are known  no one but Welz himself knows the true formula. For those that are familiar with Col. Sanders of Kentucky fried chicken fame it is well known that the formula contains 11 herbs and spices, however, no one knows precisely what those 11 herbs and spices are. Certainly some of them have been guessed but not all of them.

A humorous aspect  of the charlatans that pedal fake orgonite is that sometimes they don’t even spell it correctly spelling such as orgonit are often used.  We certainly do not advise anyone to use fake orgonite. Would you feed your baby fake formula? Perhaps she would like to have an operation done by a fake surgeon? Or maybe you would like to buy at full price a fake diamond or a fake Rolex watch? Not likely. So beware of  the fakes. There is only one original and only one real orgonite material and it is made  exclusively by Welz  and HS CTI/BEC.

The only legitimate use of genuine orgonite and the only use for which it was invented is to serve as the core of the orgone generator. This generator of life force or Chi produces a field of life towards energy which can then be directed toward a specific purpose or manifestation. Another word to describe this is radionics.  For those that practice the science of radionics orgonite is a necessity for without it operations would fail due to lack of life force energy to power them. Therefore it would be correct to say that radionics, orgonite and power manifestation are deeply intertwined.


Orgonite 1 Orgone Generator and Radionics Software Combo – Take The Law of Attraction Into Your Own Hands!

The POWER to take The Law of Attraction INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!

Orgonite 1 is announcing the next evolution in manifestation technology.  Radionics software combined with the orgone generator to produce powerful results quickly and reliably.  This is made possible by the combination of the best radionics software and the best orgone generators powered by genuine ORGONITE designed and built by the inventor of orgone radionics, Karl Hans Welz




At the heart of the orgone generator is orgonite which generates the life force energy

Orgone energy can now be generated!  While previously it was possible to accumulate orgone energy it can now be generated in a much more concentrated form, thanks to one man, Karl Hans Welz.  you see, Karl Welz invented both the chi generator and orgonite.  I know you have heard a lot about orgonite on the internet, but guess what?  There is only one real orgonite and that is genuine HSCTI  BEC Karl Welz orgonite.  There are others out there claiming to have it, make it, use it etc, but they don’t have the genuine article.  In fact many who claim to make orgonite are actually making DOR generators which generate deadly orgone, the evil twin or orgone (life force) energy.  If it is not a genuine Welz device at best it will be ineffective and at worst it could be downright dangerous.

Your Questions About Orgone Generator

Mike asks…

Do YOU Know How To MAKE a Home-Made orgone generator ?

if so how can I do this?

Orgonite answers:

Best left to the professionals!

Orgone generators

You can make an orgone accumulator

The “magical wand” as an Orgone Accumulator

How you can build your first “magical” tool. It is a simple orgone accumulator .
You need:
1. A copper, brass or other metal tube, about one foot long, 1/2″ to 1inch in diameter
2. Aluminum tape
3. Ordinary duct tape (plastic)
Wrap the tube with one layer of plastic duct tape. Then with one layer of aluminum tape, then plastic,  until you have 7 layers. The outer layer is plastic. Cover the whole wand with leather or vinyl for a nice look.